The North London Heat and Power Project is North London Waste Authority’s proposal to build an Energy Recovery Facility with associated buildings and works. It will replace the existing plant at the Edmonton EcoPark by around 2025 so we can continue to turn waste into electricity, heat and power. The existing plant is expected to reach the end of its operational life around 2025.

31 Oct 2022
Find out more about the latest construction updates from Edmonton EcoPark where significant progress has been made on site to deliver brand new waste management and recycling facilities for north London.
28 Sep 2022
Members of the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) have agreed to invest in initial services to develop carbon capture at the Edmonton EcoPark.
23 Sep 2022
Major works are now fully underway on the new high-tech Energy Recovery Facility at the Edmonton EcoPark in Enfield. It is part of the £1.2 billion redevelopment of the site into an advanced and sustainable waste and recycling hub.
9 Sep 2022
As one of many public authorities established under legislation given Royal Assent by HM Queen Elizabeth II, it is with deep sadness that North London Waste Authority has learned of the death of Her Majesty.
10 Aug 2022
Thousands of homes in Haringey, including new homes on the Broadwater Farm Estate, will no longer need gas boilers fitted, following a £27.8million award from the UK government.
4 Aug 2022
As London celebrated its Climate Action Week for 2022, North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is progressing with building new sustainable waste management facilities at the Edmonton EcoPark.
23 Jun 2022
Throughout 2022 we have made great progress to deliver brand new waste management and recycling facilities for north London. Watch the latest construction update video here.
29 Apr 2022
ACCIONA, the lead contractor for the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) Project working on behalf of North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is hosting a Meet the Buyer event on Thursday 19th May 8am to 4pm to encourage local suppliers to submit interest in working on the project.