NLHPP construction update video – Summer 2023

27 Jun 2023

In our latest construction update video, we are celebrating the progress that has been made on the NLHPP over recent months, as well as looking ahead at what we can expect to see over the next few months.

Since September 2022, works have been ongoing to prepare the site for the construction of the Energy Recovery Facility, which is where unrecyclable rubbish will be used to generate electricity for up to 127,000 homes in Enfield. It will also provide low-carbon heating for more than 60,000 local homes and businesses.

In the video, you will see that we have reached a major milestone here as works have started to dig and form a 3.5m deep bunker, which is where the Bottom Ash waste will be stored before it is removed from site. Later this year, we will begin digging the main bunker which is where rubbish will be held before it is treated in the Energy Recovery Facility.

Works are also continuing on the new recycling facilities which includes a new Resource Recovery Facility, a public Reuse and Recycling Centre, and a new visitor and education centre known as EcoPark House. In the video, you will see that works have progressed significantly here and we are preparing to hand over the site to LondonEnergy later this year to begin the testing and commissioning process.   

Watch our latest construction update video below to find out more about the progress we’ve made on site so far this year. You can watch our previous construction update videos in our video library.