Consultation information

Detailed information

Project description

A summary description of the North London Heat and Power Project including the nature of the development proposed and key features of the development.
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A summary of the planned construction and demolition works required for the project and the approach to the Code of Construction Practice being adopted.
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EIA process

Sets out the issues which are expected to be considered as part of the environmental impact assessment which will be carried out to allow us to prepare the environmental statement.
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Planning Policy

A summary of the relevant planning policy documents at a national, regional and local level, and provides links to the policies.
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A summary of the process for assessing traffic impacts of the North London Heat and Power Project.
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LondonWaste Limited

Explains the nature of the company and sets out the waste management services provided by the company to North London Waste Authority.
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Tell me more about landfill

Explain how landfill sites operate, why they are used for disposing of north London’s waste now, how much they cost and why we no longer want to use them.
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A summary of the alternative plans and proposals North London Waste Authority considered prior to embarking on the North London Heat and Power Project.
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Feedback Form

You can download and print a copy of our feedback form so you can complete it by hand and post it to us.
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Cooling system

Explains the difference between an air cooled condenser system and a water cooling system for an Energy Recovery Facility.
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Waste Modelling

Summarises the results and methodology for calculating waste projections to inform the sizing of the proposed Energy Recovery Facility.
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Water Transport

A summary of North London Waste Authority’s investigations into the possibility of transporting via water, waste to and Incineration Bottom Ash from the Edmonton Ecopark.
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Health and emissions

A summary of the atmospheric emissions from a modern energy from waste facility and how they are controlled and their impact on human health.
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What is EfW

Explains the difference between an Energy from Waste plant and an Energy Recovery Facility.
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The waste challenge

A summary of the challenges facing North London Waste Authority as the second largest waste authority in the country and our plans for managing the waste.
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Further reading

North London Joint Waste Strategy

Strategy document that outlines what we’re doing now to manage waste in north London and how we plan to manage it in the future.
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Waste Prevention Plan 2014-16

Plan which sets out how the waste prevention objectives in the North London Joint Waste Strategy will be met 2014-16.
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Eunomia waste data report and Waste Forecast Model

Technical report summarising the methodology and results of waste forecasting modelling to identify future waste management requirements with a technical spreadsheet model.
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Outline Business Case

Outlines the business case for North London Waste Authority’s previous procurement strategy.
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Ramboll report: A Review of Thermal Treatment Options

A review of thermal treatment technology options and sets out the rationale for the technology proposed.
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Ramboll report: Design of Plant, Number of Plant Lines

Design concepts and options for the replacement Energy Recovery Facility at the Edmonton EcoPark.
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Site Boundary Plan

The outline of the EcoPark site where the majority of the development proposed in the North London Heat and Power Project will take place.
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Project Glossary

Acronyms and defined terms that are used throughout the Development Consent Order application documents.
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Amec Factual Geotechnical Ground Investigation Report

This report provides an assessment of the ground conditions where North London Waste Authority is proposing to build the replacement facility.
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EIA Scoping report

Sets out the proposed scope of the Environmental Statement to be submitted with the application for the Development Consent Order.
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Ramboll report: Health Impact Literature Review

A review of a number of publicly available studies considering the potential health impacts of existing Energy from Waste and Energy Recovery Facilities.
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Ramboll report: Flue Gas Treatment Technology Options

A review of available Energy Recovery Facility flue gas treatment technology options and their respective performance levels.
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Ramboll report: Cooling Plant Technology Options

A review of Energy Recovery Facility cooling plant technology options and their relative merits.
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List of consultees

A list that sets outs the categories of people that North London Waste Authority is required to consult.
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Statement of Community Consultation

Sets out how North London Waste Authority will consult on the North London Heat and Power Project.
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Vicinity Plan

A map of the part of north London in the vicinity of the EcoPark site showing: 

1. The EcoPark site 
2. 1.5km radius from the EcoPark site 
3. The consultation zone boundary
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Planning policies

National Policy Statement for Energy (EN1)

Provides the basis for decisions by the Planning Inspectorate on applications for new nationally significant energy infrastructure.

National Policy Statement forRenewable Energy Infrastructure (EN3)

Provides the basis for decisions by the Planning Inspectorate on applications for new nationally significant renewable energy infrastructure.

National Planning Policy Framework

Guidance for local planning authorities and decision-takers in drawing up plans and making decisions about planning applications.

Mayor’s Strategies for Waste

London Mayor’s vision to become a world leader in waste management, making use of innovative techniques and technologies to minimise the impact of waste.

Climate Change and Energy

London Mayor’s climate change adaptation strategy and climate change mitigation and energy strategy for London.

London Plan

The spatial development strategy for London setting out a fully integrated economic, environmental, transport and social framework for the development of the capital to 2031.

Upper Lee Valley Opportunity Area Planning Framework (ULVOAF)

Framework for the regeneration of the Upper Lee Valley, Supplementary Planning Guidance to the London Plan and will be used as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

Enfield Local Plan

Set of planning policies that are used to determine planning applications in Enfield.

Central Leeside Area Action Plan

Provides the specific planning allocations and designations for the Central Leeside area, which includes the Edmonton EcoPark site.

Edmonton EcoPark Planning Brief Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

A supplementary Planning Document to Enfield’s Local Plan. The Planning Brief provides guidance on the future development of the EcoPark.