North London Waste Authority invites contractors to bid for works at Edmonton EcoPark worth £10 million

8 Mar 2022

Today, North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has published a contract notice and Selection Questionnaire for a civil infrastructure framework worth up to £10 million at Edmonton EcoPark.

NLWA will appoint up to three contractors to join the framework. The work will involve the construction and commissioning of upgrades to the civil infrastructure essential to support the successful delivery of the North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP) which is providing brand-new flagship recycling and waste management facilities.

The deadline for tenderers to respond to the Selection Questionnaire is 8 April 2022. The contract notices can be viewed on Find a Tender and Contracts Finder.

The works may include but are not be limited to:

  1. Intrusive site investigations to verify the location of services and underground obstructions
  2. Alterations and enhancements to roads and pedestrian accesses to enable the EcoPark to function whilst the new NLHPP facilities are constructed and brought into service
  3. Alterations and enhancements to EcoPark security infrastructure to enable NLHPP construction areas to operate within the EcoPark's overall security system
  4. Temporary and permanent alterations to the EcoPark water and drainage systems to enable the construction of NLHPP facilities
  5. Diversion of utilities to enable NLHPP delivery
  6. Landscaping reinstatement of soft verges and footpaths around the EcoPark
  7. Supply and install temporary buildings
  8. Removal of any temporary structure erected during the NLHPP works

Prior to publishing the contract notice, NLWA prepared a Market Information Webinar including details about the contract. The webinar is available to watch here:

The NLHPP is already creating hundreds of green jobs for local people and is an important part of the ongoing regeneration of Enfield, and part of Enfield Council’s plans to promote high-tech industries in Edmonton. As part of NLWA’s commitment to boosting the local economy, the project is committed to achieving 25% local employment and 10% local expenditure. North London-based contractors with the relevant expertise and experience are encouraged to respond to the procurement and be part of this nationally significant infrastructure project.

NLWA encourages local contractors to bid for the framework and join several north London based organisations already working on the project including Galldris Construction Ltd, Embassy Demolition, J.O'Doherty Haulage Ltd, New Lifes Catering, and JCT IT Consultant.