New video showcases progress to deliver flagship recycling facilities and accelerate local green recovery

12 Oct 2020

Six preparatory construction works are either completed or underway on the North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP) to build a new waste management hub at Edmonton EcoPark. Since 2019, significant progress has been made and NLWA is about to reach a major milestone with the first of the construction sites nearing completion.

To capture the latest progress on the NLHPP, a video update has been launched.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, Chair of the NLWA said “Significant progress is being made to deliver new recycling and waste management facilities at Edmonton EcoPark. This major investment in public infrastructure will boost recycling in north London, accelerating the local green recovery and has already created ten apprenticeships, many of which are for local residents. The facilities being built are a vital part of our action to tackle the Climate Emergency”.

On-site, enabling works are underway in preparation for diverting the Angel and Chingford sewers which run beneath the footprint of the future Resource Recovery Facility (RRF). Diverting the sewers will allow for construction of the RRF to commence in 2021 which will manage up to 135,000 tonnes of wood, metal and plastics every year, avoiding it from going to landfill. The new Public Reuse and Recycling Centre will for the first time ever allow local residents and businesses to bring their recycling direct to the EcoPark.

Construction is also progressing well on the temporary Laydown Area and complex engineering works recently took place to install a new bridge across the Enfield Ditch which will form part of a new eastern access road linking the EcoPark to the Laydown Area.

Last month, approval was given to build a new low-carbon energy centre at the EcoPark. Heat from the new Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) can be supplied to the Meridian Water Heat Network to heat thousands of local homes. This marks a major step forward in NLWA’s mission towards being Net Zero and support tackling the Climate Emergency.

In the coming months, the Transport Yard at Hawley Road will be complete and ready for LondonEnergy vehicles to occupy the site. The relocation of the Transport Yard from the EcoPark to Hawley Road is a critical part of the programme in order to make room for new £100m recycling facilities. Later this year, the new Northern Access off Ardra Road will also be completed, following the final utility works and connections. The road will provide a new access point to the EcoPark, helping to improve traffic flow around the site.

NLWA is also investing heavily in the local communities, delivering at least 100 apprenticeships in highly skilled roles and 225 skills-training placements for residents in north London. The Project will spearhead the local green recovery, generate long-term jobs, and equip local young people with life-changing skills and training. Further information about the Project’s benefits are on the website.