NLWA statement on refusal of permission for Judicial Review

27 Nov 2019

"The Court [26 November] refused a request to judicially review the Government’s consent for our vital North London Heat and Power Project at the Edmonton EcoPark. This confirms that the crucial project for north London residents will continue to move forward fully in line with the planned timetable. Rapid progress has already been made in 2019 to prepare the site for construction.


"The North London Heat and Power Project was granted consent after considering the scheme’s environmental credentials, after extensive public consultation and after a comprehensive analysis of the options, which shows that there are simply no proven or sustainable alternatives for managing north London’s unrecyclable waste at the Edmonton EcoPark.


"This project will deliver flagship facilities in north London and, for the first time, enable residents to bring materials for reuse and recycling at Edmonton EcoPark. The project will support north London’s drive to higher recycling rates with a Resource Recovery Facility and a brand-new public reuse and recycling centre for local people. The new energy recovery facility will divert up to 700,000 tonnes of unrecyclable waste from landfill every year and use this waste to generate low-carbon heat and power for up to 127,000 homes. Sending the waste to landfill would produce highly damaging greenhouse gases like methane and would be significantly more expensive for local residents. All three new facilities will be using the most up to date technologies and will be amongst the most advanced in Europe when they are commissioned.


"Using the most advanced technologies and processes means the North London Heat and Power Project is part of the solution for tackling the Climate Emergency and could save around 215,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions every year compared to landfill."