NLWA invests in state-of-the-art technology to reduce odour by 99%

19 Dec 2022

As part of the project to transform Edmonton EcoPark into a brand-new sustainable waste hub, North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has invested in a state-of-the-art system to reduce odours for the benefit of the environment, as well as nearby residents and businesses. This system has the capability of achieving a 99% removal of key odour components.

NLWA is committed to preventing pollution and nuisance wherever possible. The environmental permit issued by the Environment Agency specifies a number of stringent requirements, including measures to control odour from the new facilities. Failure to meet these requirements would result in the site not being able to operate.

The system was installed at the EcoPark over the summer and testing and commissioning is now underway in readiness of the recycling facilities being completed next year. The odour control system is fitted with six absorber silos, each measuring 8m metres high and 4m metres diameter connected to two 40 metres high stacks (pictured below).

NLWA has invested in the most reliable and efficient technology to reduce odour to undetectable levels using high-grade activated carbon. When the odorous air enters the system, it is filtered for dust and then passed through the absorbers that are filled with activated carbon that capture odorous compounds. This advanced process results in undetectable odour levels at ground level.