Demolition and site clearance underway at Edmonton EcoPark to enable construction of new energy from waste facility

29 Jan 2021

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) has appointed DSM Demolition Ltd to carry out removal of above and below ground structures at the northern end of the Edmonton EcoPark as part of the North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP). The site is being prepared for construction of a modern, world-class replacement facility for turning north London’s residual waste into low-carbon energy, supporting London’s commitment toward a Net Zero future.

As part of the contract, DSM Demolition Ltd will conduct site clearance, remediation of the site and recycling of on-site materials suitable for re-use. Located north of the current energy from waste facility, the site contains a former storage area for incinerator bottom ash and a decommissioned in-vessel composting compound. Each of these services are now managed by offsite providers.

The NLHPP is NLWA’s flagship project to construct an Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) and associated plant to replace the existing energy from waste facility at the Edmonton EcoPark. The existing energy from waste facility is expected to reach the end of its operational life around 2025, when the new ERF is expected to become operational. It will use advanced technology to offer the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to treat the volume of waste produced by north London’s residents.

DSM Demolition Ltd has a track record of demolition works which include Paradise Circus in Birmingham, Colston Hall in Bristol, and the former Civic Centre site in Coventry.

The demolition and site clearance works will continue through to 30 June 2021.

The procurement process to select the ERF contractor is underway, which is currently in the Invitation to Submit Detailed Solutions stage. The award of the ERF contract is planned for early 2022 with commissioning of the facility targeted for late 2025.