Reuse and Recycling Centre

The Edmonton EcoPark Reuse and Recycling Centre (RRC) is the first major public facility delivered as part of the North London Heat and Power Project. It allows north London residents and businesses to bring their recycling directly to the Edmonton EcoPark for the first time and is conveniently accessible to residents living in Enfield, Waltham Forest and Haringey.

The recycling centre accepts over 25 waste types and the split-level design means most of the waste can be disposed of without the need to climb steps. Access is available for pedestrians and cyclists through a separate side entrance, offering protection from vehicle traffic and increasing pedestrian safety.

Designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind, the facility is aesthetically pleasing with a covered roof and louvers, which admit light and air but offer protection from the rain and direct sunlight. A 300,000-litre below-ground rainwater storage system is located underneath the facility. Rainwater which falls on the facility roof is captured and treated for non-potable utilities within the adjacent Resource Recovery Facility and EcoPark House.

Featuring multiple container bays separated by waste type, 10 reverse vehicle parking spaces and a booking management system as it begins operating, queuing should be at a minimum.

For more information about the Edmonton EcoPark Reuse and Recycling Centre, please visit: