Will it affect air quality?

The replacement facility will have even better emission control than the existing plant does now. Our current plant operates at 20% better than permitted levels of nitrogen oxide emissions and the new facility will be even better, performing more than 60% below the permitted levels.

The replacement facility will use gas cleaning systems, known as ‘flue gas treatment’, to:

  • effectively clean the gas that is omitted from the chimney stack;
  • have greater flexibility in handling variations in the gas; and
  • require fewer chemicals to operate.

To treat nitrogen oxide we are using the most effective technology available  called ‘Selective Catalytic Reduction’ which achieves half the allowed emission levels. We are the only facility in the UK to be delivering this technology which converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water, both of which are harmless.

Surrounding local authorities – Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest – all carry out air quality monitoring. An essential part of gaining consent for our project was consulting these authorities. Read about how each of these boroughs monitors air quality by clicking below for their websites.

Enfield Air Quality Monitoring.

Waltham Forest Air Quality Monitoring.

Haringey Air Quality Monitoring.

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