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Welcome to the North London Heat and Power Project

It’s about how we – North London Waste Authority – think the waste that cannot be recycled from the seven London boroughs in our area should be dealt with in the future. We are building an Energy Recovery Facility to replace the existing plant at the Edmonton EcoPark by 2025 so we can continue to recover energy – heat and power – from waste.

The replacement facility will generate over 50 megawatts of electricity, which means that in planning terms it is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. As a result, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy decided whether we should be granted consent to build it, following examination of our proposals. The Secretary of State granted us a Development Consent Order for the project in 2017 and construction activities stared in early 2019.

To see a video of what the site could look like click here

To see a video of how an energy recovery facility works click here

General Information

For information on North London Waste Authority, who are managing this programme of works click here.

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NLWA reports that are relevant to the project are here.

The documents that made up North London Waste Authority's application for a Development Consent Order can be found here.

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Information for Suppliers

Companies interested in becoming suppliers for the project can find information on procurements and market engagement activity here.

Information for Community Members

Members of the community interested in how NLWA is engaging with the local community can find the latest newsletters and information about the project here.