Opportunity for suppliers

Thank you for your interest in the North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP). This page contains information relevant for potential suppliers.

The latest edition of the supplier guide can be downloaded here. This serves as an introduction to North London Waste Authority, the project and the works packages.

A copy of our latest market information event slides can be found here and a video presentation is available here

If you are interested in subcontracting opportunities, you can email us with your company’s details and we will pass them onto main contractors later.  

The project is divided into four implementation steps:

  • The Preparatory Works, which include:
    • A laydown area to the east of the Edmonton EcoPark
    • A new eastern access for the EcoPark
    • The diversion of a sewer beneath the EcoPark
  • The Building Works, which include:
    • A Resource Recovery Facility, which is where bulky waste will be separated for recycling, and will also be the location of a recycling centre
    • EcoPark House, which will contain office accommodation and a visitors’ centre where people can find out more about recycling, waste, heat, and power
  • The ERF Works, which include the construction and commissioning of the Energy Recovery Facility
  • The Post-ERF Works, which include the decommissioning and demolition of the existing Energy from Waste Facility

The graphic to the left shows the timings of these steps.

NLWA’s internal project team was responsible for preparing and promoting the Development Consent Order. This means we have strong knowledge and continuity which will make us a clear and consistent client as the project moves into construction. Our knowledge also covers consultation and working with a range of interested organisations.

NLWA has appointed Arup to support the design, procurement, construction and operational transition activities as programme management advisers. In addition, we are supported by a range of expert advisers as shown in the graphic to the right.

For contractors this gives confidence that the client will take decisions based on well-informed views, but with a clear line of accountability.

Latest Updates 

4 November 2019

On 31 October an OJEU notice for the EcoPark South tender was dispatched to the EU Publications Office. The tender to deliver EcoPark south, worth £106.6m, is the project’s biggest so far and includes the delivery of a flagship centre for increasing recycling, known as the Resource Recovery Facility, and EcoPark House. Please follow the link to view the tender documents here. The contract notices can be viewed from the following locations:

  • OJEU notice (ref: 2019/S 213-521512):LINK
  • Contracts Finder notice: LINK
  • Corrigendum notice: LINK

Selection Questionnaire Response Deadline:13:00 on 23 December 2019

23 May 2019

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) about the proposed works was despatched to the EU Publications Office on Tuesday 21 May 2019 for publication. Please see the CPV codes of the proposed works on the PIN by clicking here. These proposed works cover construction of a Resource Recovery Facility, Reuse and Recycling Centre and EcoPark House including related utilities works, demolition and clearance works, and associated works.

15 August 2018

We are continuing discussions with the Distribution Network Operators to inform the specification of the utility bridge and corridor works package. We are now expecting to procure these works in 2019, and updates will be posted to this website.

25 June 2018

On 29 June 2018, NLWA will begin the procurement process for three works contracts. The procurement for the works to the Northern Access (Deephams Farm Road) will proceed as described previously, but the Laydown Area and Eastern Access works will be split into two work packages. These packages will be:

  • the Laydown Area (East); and
  • the Laydown Area (West) and Eastern Access.

All three contracts will be advertised on Contracts Finder. Potential contractors will be able to access the procurement documents and submit their tender responses through NLWA’s e-procurement portal.

Note that as the two packages relating to the Laydown Area will both have contract values above the relevant EU thresholds, they will also be advertised on Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), a supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union. EU regulations mean that until a notice is live on TED, a contract cannot be advertised elsewhere. NLWA will therefore submit the contract notice to TED on 29 June 2018 and, once the notice is live, publish details of the contract on Contracts Finder and the e-procurement portal. This is likely to happen early in the week commencing 2 July 2018.

This update supersedes the previous update of 31 May 2018.

31 May 2018

Suppliers are advised that NLWA intends to begin procuring two works contracts for the North NLHPP at the end of June 2018. The contracts will be for:

  • the laydown area and eastern access; and
  • the northern access.

Information on these works is available in the Supplier Guide, which is available to download above.

Market Information Events

22 January 2020

On Wednesday 22 January, we are holding a Market Information Event for contractors interested in bidding for works associated with the delivery of the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Edmonton EcoPark. 

9 October 2019

On Wednesday 9 October, we held a Market Information Event for those interested in the EcoPark South works. It was an opportunity to gain more information about the works package and the adjustments made following our previous market engagement.  

The slides used in the presentation given on the day can be downloaded here.

Presentation Slides

A list of those who attended the Market Information event can be viewed here.

List of Invited Attendees

We had presenters from NLWA and LondonEnergy Ltd who provided an overview of the NLHPP programme, the EcoPark South works, the procurement process and introduced LondonEnergy Ltd as the site operators. We streamed and recorded the event live via webcast for those who couldn't attend in person. The video can be viewed below or through the link here.

Video Presentation

18 June 2019

On 18 June, NLWA held a market information event to invite views from the supplier market on the proposed procurement strategy for the Resource Recovery Facility, including a reuse and recycling centre, and EcoPark House. The event also covered related utilities works, demolition and clearance works, and other associated works.

The works are part of the critical pathway to deliver the North London Heat and Power Project and make way for the development of an energy recovery facility. Normal operation of the existing energy from waste plant at Edmonton EcoPark will continue throughout these works.

The slides used in the presentation given on the day can be downloaded here .

6 March 2018

On 6 March, NLWA held a market information event to invite views from the supplier market on the proposed procurement strategy for the preparatory works and the interfaces between the packages. The preparatory works are the earliest work packages and are needed to prepare the project site, provide new utilities and create new site access points.

The slides used in the presentation given on the day can be downloaded here.

Health and Safety

Managing safety effectively is an essential part of the project and must be managed in conjunction with the existing operations on the project site. To ensure this, NLWA will: 

  • show strong and active leadership, encouraging the integration of good health and safety management with business decisions; and 
  • consider how our strategic decision making will affect our ability and that of our suppliers to manage safety effectively. 

We will work with suppliers to ensure that they deal with all health and safety matters in accordance with our policies, all relevant regulations, and guidance issued by the Health and Safety Executive generally and specifically to the waste industry.