What is the Resource Recovery Facility?

Edmonton EcoPark, including a new state of the art Resource Recovery Facility (RRF).

The RRF will serve two functions:

  • The first is a Reuse and Recycling Centre, which for the first-time ever will allow north London residents and businesses to drop off their recyclable and non-recyclable waste at the EcoPark.
  • The second is a Recycling and Fuel Preparation Facility where borough vehicles will deliver waste to be sorted, including the removal of materials suitable for recycling or reuse such as wood, plastics and metal, or for waste that can’t be recycled to be prepared for treatment, such as Energy Recovery.

We expect the RRF to manage around 135,000 tonnes of recyclable materials every year. However, we have designed the facility so that it can accommodate even more recycling as levels increase in the future.

For more information, you can read our Project brochure here.

An overview of the function of the RRF can be viewed below or here.

Boosting Resource Recovery Facility

A detailed summary of the RRF process can be viewed below or here.

Resource Recovery Facility process