What part does the new facility have in tackling the climate emergency?

Reducing greenhouse emissions in the UK waste sector:

Landfill reduction is an important factor in tackling the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Committee for Climate Change, which advises Government on climate change, is clear that landfill needs to be reduced in order to achieve a carbon neutral economy. Energy recovery facilities (ERFs) are consistent with this.

The waste sector is the only UK sector to outperform its carbon budget obligations, which means that greenhouse gases are falling faster than targeted to help achieve carbon neutrality. Landfill reduction is a key factor behind this.

Reducing greenhouse emissions in north London:

The North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP) is a major part of NLWA's actions to tackle the Climate Emergency. It’s integral to our wider waste strategy, which prioritises waste reduction and recycling in line with the waste hierarchy. The NLHPP includes major investment in new recycling facilities. It includes an Energy Recovery Facility that, by preventing landfill, will reduce the carbon impact of our residents’ non-recyclable waste.

You can read more about how we are tackling the Climate Emergency here.