How will you ensure the local environment is protected?

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and delivering improvements wherever possible. The facility’s design will ensure that current and anticipated emissions standards are more than met.

North London Heat and Power Project was assessed not to cause any significant effects on protected conservation areas, including parts of the Lee Valley and Epping Forest, either alone or in combination with other future projects. View the technical findings of our assessments in the environment statement.

The Project’s landscaping has been designed to soften the new buildings and integrate with the Lee Valley Regional Park. The design elements include green and brown roofs on the new Energy Recovery Facility, native tree and shrub planting, grassland and meadow planting on the EcoPark, as well as native marginal planting along Enfield Ditch. Our approach will help create a high quality landscape scheme that maximises ecological enhancement and sustainable water management, and which integrates the Project into its wider setting.

Overall the project is expected to have a positive impact on the environment by delivering one of the most efficient waste management facilities in Europe.