The NLHPP will deliver wide-ranging benefits for the local community

Myth: "The project will have a negative impact on the local community"

The fact: Our job generating project is part of the regeneration of Edmonton and an exciting part of its future.

Our facilities are instrumental in supporting jobs and businesses in the area. Alongside new jobs in a high-tech sector, we are creating at least 100 apprenticeships and working in partnership with local colleges, including Enfield College, to maximise these opportunities.

The project will support an extensive programme of skills training, with 225 opportunities available through the construction phase. 

The existing facilities at Edmonton EcoPark are already instrumental in supporting jobs and businesses in the area. For example, the Ark Data Centre in Edmonton runs solely on energy produced by our existing plant.

The new Energy Recovery Facility will have even greater benefits for the local economy because it has the potential to provide low-carbon heat for the major mixed-use development at Meridian Water. This will comprise of 10,000 new homes once complete.