The NLHPP is fully consistent with higher recycling rates based on achieving a 50% household recycling rate in line with the Mayor of London’s target

Myth: "The NLHPP will compete with recycling and the circular economy"

The fact: The NLHPP is fully consistent with higher recycling rates. It supports the circular economy and the NLWA's award-winning programme of activity to reduce waste and increase recycling - the most extensive of any authority in London.

The new facility will not undermine the NLWA's efforts to increase recycling. In the UK and across Europe, the most successful recyclers use energy recovery to treat non-recyclable waste and reduce landfill. In continental Europe this includes countries like Austria, Belgium and Germany. The same trend can be seen in the UK, with some of the local authorities with the best recycling rates using energy from waste - including South Oxfordshire and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The NLHPP provides a rare opportunity to move towards a more circular economy. We're investing in new facilities to boost recycling across north London, including the first ever reuse and recycling centre at the EcoPark for the benefits of north London residents.

The new Resource Recovery Facility will provide capacity to enable thousands of tonnes of wood, metal and plastic to be recycled every year.

A new educational hub called EcoPark House will help people understand the importance of reducing their waste and developing a truly circular economy.