The NLHPP is a vital part of the solution for tacking the Climate Emergency

Myth: "The NLHPP will contribute negatively to the Climate Emergency"

The fact: The NLHPP is a vital part of the solution for tackling the Climate Emergency.

NLWA recognises the importance of tacking the Climate Emergency. As a waste authority, our most important priority is to protect our planet and preserve resources for future generations. 

The NLHPP is a major part of NLWA's actions to tackle the Climate Emergency. It is also integral to our wider waste strategy, which prioritises waste reduction and recycling in line with the waste hierarchy. 

The project is part of the climate solution because it will prevent our residents' non-recyclable waste being sent to landfill. There isn't a 'do nothing' option and the alternative would be landfilling. 

Instead, the world-class ERF will generate low-carbon heat and power from non-recyclable waste. This will be enough to provide energy for 127,000 homes - equivalent to all the homes in Enfield.

The ERF will save the equivalent of 215,000 tonnes of CO2 every year compared to landfill, which is like taking 110,000 cars off the road each year.