Energy from waste is recognised by DEFRA as a better solution for the environment than landfill

Myth: "Energy from Waste is not supported by scientists and governmental organisations"

The fact: Energy from Waste is supported by the Government, including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), as well as technical specialists including the Environmental Agency and Public Health England.

Our project recently received a substantial funding award from the UK Government as a result of its benefits for the environment and society. These include:

  • A saving of 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents over the life of the scheme which will make a significant positive contribution to the UK's Net Zero target
  • Air quality improvements inherent in local treatment of waste, with a significant reduction in bulk haulage journeys in diesel HGV's
  • Over 2,500 employment opportunities during construction and operation
  • Over 100 apprenticeship and 225 onsite skills training opportunities.