Is the new ERF safe for public health?

North London Waste Authority is following scientific evidence on air pollution from experts, as laid out in the graphic below.

Scientific studies and academic reports confirm that facilities like the one at Edmonton EcoPark do not pose a significant impact on public health.

The new Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) will operate at almost 1000 times lower than the World Health Organisation’s safe limits for particulate concentration.

Our ERF will be built with the advanced technology for cleaning and controlling emissions. The graphics below show the breakdown of emissions sources in the area surrounding the EcoPark. Even at the peak level of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the ERF, this is only 2.94% of local air quality concentrations, compared to road transport which is responsible for 30.05% of NOx concentrations. The graph on sources of NOx can also be viewed in larger format or see the graphic below.

Similarly, even at the peak level of particulate matter (PM) from the ERF, this is only 0.52% of local air quality concentrations. This is 400 times lower than the level set by the UK air quality objective. The PM graph can also be viewed in larger format.