Are there any negative health impacts?

Our Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) will be one of the safest and cleanest in the country. It will use proven technology to capture and control emissions. It will operate well within the standards set by the Environment Agency and provide ongoing monitoring in line with its Environmental Permit. It will comply with all the necessary regulations that protect public health and the environment.

Our ERF will be the first energy recovery facility in the UK to benefit from Selective Catalytic Reduction, which is a world-class technology for controlling emissions of nitrogen dioxide. This process converts nitrogen oxide into water and nitrogen (a harmless gas that makes up 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere). Following the example of advanced Scandinavian ERFs, it will be the first energy recovery facility in the UK to have a combined dry/wet scrubber. This provides an extra stage to the cleaning process, to give a ‘final polish’ to the gas before it’s released from the stack.

We carried out an extensive Air Quality Impact Assessment as part of the Development Consent Order (DCO), which considered all the relevant emissions related to the energy recovery process. It shows categorically that no concentrations of pollutants from the facility will breach any air quality or public health standards.

A comparison of local sources of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) can be viewed in the graphics below. The world-class emissions control technologies will mean that emissions from the facility are minimal, contributing far less than other sources even when at peak levels.