What happens when recycling rates increase and there’s less non-recyclable waste to treat?

Our forecast waste model shows increased capacity is needed for the replacement facility, even if we reach our ambitious 50% recycling targets.

This is because the population in north London is expected to grow. We expect that people will recycle more and produce less waste in the future but overall there will be more people producing waste, which means we need to plan for increasing volumes of waste.

Even when north London reaches its recycling targets there will still be waste left over that needs to be dealt with. We want to divert waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill and instead use it to generate electricity to power homes and businesses.

There would still be sufficient waste to fill any gaps that an increase in recycling might bring, if recycling rates are higher than 50%. This would include accepting waste from businesses, as well as neighbouring local authorities.

For more information, please read our Need Assessment.