Is it big enough to meet current and future waste needs?

Yes. The size of the Energy Recovery Facility was determined by detailed modelling that we carried out before North London Heat and Power Project was consented by the Government.

This will ensure that the facility is large enough to meet current and future waste needs.

The population in north London is expected to increase from 2 million to 2.5 million by 2050, which is why we are future-proofing the facility to deal with 700,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste per year. Our forecast waste model shows increased capacity is needed for the replacement facility, even if we reach our ambitious 50% recycling targets. These projections are regularly assessed and updated by North London Waste Authority. For more information, please read our Need Assessment.

Waste Forecast in tonnes 2020/21 2025/26 2050/51
Recycling 418,169 424,049 457,185
Residual 566,872 572,856 611,277
Total 985,041 996,905 1,068,462

Waste fluctuations in different seasons mean we need a capacity of 700,000 tonnes to be able to manage the waste generated across the year by 2050/51.

If recycling performance improves beyond the current projections over the course of the replacement facility’s life, we can then take in third party waste.