Are you considering carbon capture technology?

Yes. Although carbon capture and storage (CCS) isn’t included in the business case approved by the Development Consent Order, NLWA Members are committed to bringing CCS onboard as soon as possible as a separate project. We are building the ERF to be ready for the technology, which could be installed as early as the 2030s – right at the forefront of targets set by the Climate Change Committee. Our CCS strategy was agreed by Members in September 2021 and confirms that once the existing energy from waste plant is demolished there will be sufficient space for the installation of a carbon capture plant and conditioning infrastructure.

By providing heat, the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) will already be a low carbon asset. Carbon capture would make it carbon negative – actively taking CO2 out of the atmosphere to speed London towards Net Zero.

The Government has announced that waste management projects will be eligible for CCS funding support. We are accelerating plans to engage with the Government about the required infrastructure in London.