Are you considering carbon capture technology?

Carbon capture technology isn’t something that’s used in the energy from waste sector at present because it’s not currently technologically or economically viable. However, we’re carefully considering the options for future proofing the facility at Edmonton EcoPark, including carbon capture storage, should it become viable in the future. Overall, our facility is part of the solution to tackling the Climate Emergency. It’s integral to NLWA’s efforts to reduce the carbon impact of our residents’ waste, supporting our major programme of activities to help residents reduce waste and recycle more. Our facility will provide a sustainable solution to the challenge of unrecyclable waste in north London. The population in our seven boroughs is now over 2 million and our residents produce around 3% of total UK household waste. Our plans to replace the existing facility could help prevent up to 700,000 tonnes of this unrecyclable waste – heavier than over 55,000 London buses – from being sent to landfill every year. Our facility would have the carbon impact of saving 215,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents every year compared to landfill – which is like taking 110,000 cars off the road annually.