How do we keep the local community involved?

The Government’s decision to give consent to the North London Heat and Power Project followed extensive consultation by North London Waste Authority with the local community and stakeholders between 2014 and 2015, in line with statutory requirements.

The consultation comprised of two stages involving 15 public exhibitions, as well as community leaflets to over 28,000 homes, advertisements in the local press, letters to stakeholders and approaching all schools within a 1.5km radius of the site.

You can read our consultation report for a detailed account of the events, the feedback received and how it’s been responded to.

The feedback we have received during the public consultation played an essential part in shaping our plans for the replacement facility. The topics you commented on covered many areas, including:

  • the need for the project;
  • the design and appearance of the replacement facility and chimney stack;
  • landscaping;
  • environment;
  • the cooling system;
  • traffic and transport;
  • community benefits; and
  • the consultation process itself.

Following our public consultation, we made the decision to choose the best available technology for emissions cleaning, which makes this a benchmark facility and one of the most efficient in the UK. We listened to your feedback on how the facility would look, and subsequently chose to design a modern facility aiming to reduce visual impacts.

Now we’ve entered the construction phase, we’ve a set up a local Community Liaison Group. The purpose of the group is to provide construction updates and an opportunity for local community representatives to ask questions to the Project team. You can find more information about the Community Liaison Group on our Community page.

We also issue regular community and construction newsletters to up to 28,000 properties within a 1.5km radius from the EcoPark (see map below). Links to our previous newsletters can be found here.