Why do you need to replace the existing Edmonton Energy from Waste facility?

The existing plant at Edmonton EcoPark has served north London well for nearly 50 years and has diverted more than 21 million tonnes of waste which would have otherwise gone to landfill.

The Energy from Waste plant at Edmonton EcoPark had multi-million-pound investments over the decades but it is likely to reach the end of its useful life soon.

The residual waste generated by north London residents is disposed of using the existing Energy from Waste plant located at the Edmonton EcoPark. North London has had the benefit of using this plant since the early 1970s. The plant will reach the end of its operational life soon and the new energy recovery facility is needed to replace it.

Even with NLWA’s positive action to reduce and recycle there will always be waste which has to be treated. We do so in a sustainable way providing good value to the residents of north London. The new energy from waste facility, which was approved in 2017, will not only manage waste but also support a heat network and generate electricity for 127,000 homes.

Waste forecasts for the future show that even if we reach our 50% recycling target by 2020/21 the amount of waste we create will still increase in north London due to population growth. In order to send virtually no waste to landfill the new facility will need to manage up to 700,000 tonnes a year by 2050/51.

The replacement facility is going to built using proven, advanced technology. It will be one of the most efficient of its kind using the most effective technology (selective catalytical reduction) for nitrogen oxide removal from emissions and we are the only facility in the UK to have done so.