Where will the buildings be positioned?

This design:

  • provides space for landscaping the EcoPark;
  • ensures the existing plant can operate up until the replacement is operational;
  • provides space for a visitor and education centre in EcoPark House near the River Lee Navigation;
  • delivers the facilities required to manage north London’s waste; and
  • creates new site access points to help manage vehicle movements.

Many of the existing facilities currently located at the north of the site will be relocated and housed inside a new Resource Recovery Facility in the south. This part of our Project will also feature a new Reuse and Recycling Centre for the public – the first ever at the EcoPark. Composting will take place off-site.

On the eastern edge of the site, along the River Lee, the new EcoPark House will be home to a visitor centre where people can learn more about waste, heat, power, and the ways in which they can reduce the carbon impact of their waste.

Once the Energy Recovery Facility is fully up and running, we’ll decommission and take down the old one.

You can view a video of what the buildings will look like and where they will be positioned on our Project Page.