What is the Resource Recovery Facility?

The Resource Recovery Facility will accept waste from the seven borough councils that is currently taken to the north of the Edmonton EcoPark. This includes the waste which is collected by the seven borough councils from street cleaning, fly-tipping, bulky waste collections, and garden waste collections. The management of this waste ensures materials are picked out for recycling and takes place on the operational side of the facility.


The public side of the facility will be a public Reuse and Recycling Centre where for the first time ever, residents will be able to come and bring items to the EcoPark for reuse and recycling.


The Resource Recovery Facility is expected to recover around 135,000 tonnes of material every year to make new products and put them back into production - following circular economy principles. Waste from businesses can also be recycled here in line with the Mayor of London’s plan for driving up recycling rates to 65%. Anything not able to be recycled will be treated in the Energy Recovery Facility where it will generate energy in the form of heat and power for local homes and businesses.