What is the North London Heat and Power Project?

The North London Heat and Power Project includes building a world-class Energy Recovery Facility to continue recovering energy from waste for the community in north London. Our Project will also deliver flagship recycling facilities to support NLWA’s ambitious recycling plans. This includes a brand-new public reuse and recycling centre which will allow our residents to bring their waste directly to the EcoPark for reuse and recycling for the first time.

The Energy Recovery Facility will be one of the most efficient and advanced facilities of its kind in the UK, and among the best performing in Europe. Following our consultation with the local community and stakeholders, the Government consented the operation of this new state-of-the-art Energy Recovery Facility at Edmonton EcoPark.

It will replace the existing facility, which has successfully diverted over 21 million tonnes of waste from landfill since energy from waste treatment started nearly 50 years ago. By 2025 the current facility will have reached the end of its life and we need to invest in a replacement now so that we can continue to divert waste from landfill in the future.

The new Energy Recovery Facility will be capable of exporting power to the national grid and providing heat to the Meridian Water Heat Network. It will provide enough energy to serve the needs of 127,000 homes – that’s equivalent to more than every household in the borough of Enfield.