What are the NLHPP programme costs?

The overall programme costs are £1.2bn. This cost includes the delivery of:

·       A replacement Energy Recovery Facility to process waste into low carbon energy,

·       A new hub for recycling and recovering resources known as a Resource Recovery Facility including a new Reuse and Recycling Centre that will be open to the public,

·       A new education and community centre known as EcoPark House,

·       Comprehensive site works to re-use the brownfield site and divert utilities,

·       Project management and technical support, and

·       Appropriate risk contingency allowances

The estimated values of these works are in the order of:

Energy Recovery Facility to treat up to 700,000 tonnes of unrecyclable waste per year, and generate low-carbon heat and power for up to 127,000 homes £600m
Resource Recovery Facility, to include a public reuse and recycling centre and EcoPark House (a dedicated education and community centre for local people to learn more about the circular economy values of reducing, reusing and recycling.) £100m
Site preparation and remediation, to prepare the complex brownfield site at Edmonton EcoPark £50m
Third party costs, including land purchase costs, utility costs and costs required to relocate LondonEnergy activity to enable construction to take place £100m
Project management, including the appointment of technical experts to deliver this important community asset £100m
Risk contingencies necessary for a nationally significant infrastructure project of this scale and complexity £250m