Is energy recovery in line with UK waste and environmental policies?

Yes, the NLHPP is aligned with environmental policies across the world that seek to reduce landfill and increase recycling. This includes policies set by the European Union, UK Government including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Greater London Authority and north London’s boroughs.

Our project has received substantial funding from the UK Government as a result of its benefits for the environment. In November 2019 the value for money of the project was scrutinised by the Government and was awarded the maximum amount available (£100 million) of preferential borrowing. This was approved against Treasury “Green Book” guidelines and established that it met all requirements.

This decision took account of a saving of carbon dioxide equivalents over the life of the scheme which will make a significant positive contribution to the UK's Net Zero target. Air quality improvements will also be made in the way waste is treated and transported by further reducing the amount of lorrys needed to transport the waste.