Will only household waste be treated at Edmonton EcoPark?

The Edmonton EcoPark will treat household waste as well as local authority collected waste, and any waste coming in through the Resource Recovery Facility from local residents or businesses.

The new Energy Recovery Facility has been sized to deal with the non-recyclable waste from households in the seven north London boroughs.

Our modelling is based on a 50% household waste recycling rate and the facility is expected to have spare capacity of around 127,000 tonnes in 2025/26, reducing to around 89,000 tonnes by 2050/51. To make sure we don’t have spare capacity, this could be offered to third party residual waste collectors.

The modelling factors in that the population in north London is expected to increase from 2m to 2.5m by 2050. The NLHPP provides a responsible solution for the waste that cannot be recycled, even when recycling rates are much higher than they are today.