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Feedback summary from phase two consultation

During phase two consultation a total of 123 responses were received (from 116 different respondents, as some chose to submit more than one response), and again, the Project was generally well received.

The changes made to the Project as a result of these comments are summarised below:

  1. EcoPark House was reduced from three storeys to two storeys in response to comments that the top storey of the building was unnecessary and ill-fitting with the surrounding area
  2. some respondents considered the viewing platform on the ERF to be too large and overly dominant. In response the scale of the viewing platform was reduced and it was relocated to the southern edge of the ERF to maximise views
  3. some respondents suggested that renewable energy, in the form of solar panels or wind turbines, should be incorporated. It is not feasible to incorporate wind turbines on the Edmonton EcoPark. However, in response the Project includes provision for solar panels on the roof of the ERF and RRF subject to cost benefit analysis
  4. some respondents supported the air cooled system, (the greatest number of whom either gave no reason for their support for air cooling or stated that their support was because there was no plume of water vapour with this system of cooling); other respondents supported the water cooled system, (the largest number of whom gave no specific reason for their support, although some stated it was because of the higher energy output achieved with this system). The comments were, on balance, in favour of avoiding the plume because of its visual impact and the potential for considering it to be smoke. Taking account of these factors, and in particular that the local area has hosted an energy from waste facility for many years, and will continue to do so under this scheme NLWA has selected the air cooled system.

You can read the draft consultation report for phases one and two here.

Hello! Our two planned phases of consultation have now finished. We have reviewed all of the feedback we received during both phases of the consultation and have produced a summary of the consultation report.