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Feedback summary from phase one consultation

During phase one consultation a total of 72 responses were submitted and the Project was generally well received.

A number of changes to the Project were made in response to these comments. These changes are listed below:

  1. respondents generally felt that the overall visual impact of the ERF should be reduced as far as possible. In response NLWA progressed with a ‘shrink wrap’ design which seeks to minimise the scale and bulk of the ERF
  2. there was generally equal support for a single chimney flue and two chimney flues. However, greater support was expressed for a design which was as visually unobtrusive as possible. This informed the decision to select a single chimney stack
  3. respondents noted that incorporating ecological measures into the design was important and that the Project should be integrated into the surrounding environment, in particular the Lee Valley Regional Park. This has been achieved by enhancing habitats along the eastern edge of the site, as well as the use of green and brown roofs
  4. some respondents indicated a preference for air cooling technology, whilst others had a preference for water cooling. As a result NLWA undertook further consultation on the cooling technology during phase two consultation
  5. there was general support for EcoPark House (the visitors’ centre), and the proposal to keep the Edmonton Sea Cadets on-site. These elements of the Project were therefore progressed further  
  6. in response to comments raised about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, new pedestrian and cycle facilities were incorporated into the proposals along Lee Park Way
  7. some of the comments requested more detailed information, for example on the proposed design, potential environmental effects and how they will be managed, waste forecasting and traffic impacts. This information was provided during the phase two consultation period.

You can read the phase one consultation feedback report here.

Hello! Our two planned phases of consultation have now finished. We have reviewed all of the feedback we received during both phases of the consultation and have produced a summary of the consultation report.