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Generating Heat and Power

We want to continue to dispose of waste from households and businesses in north London in a responsible way.

Even when we reach our 50% target there will still be waste left over that needs to be dealt with. We want to divert waste currently sent to landfill and instead use it to generate power to homes and businesses.

The current plant provides power for 72,000 homes. The replacement facility could provide enough power for around 127,000 homes. We’re also looking at diverting some of the energy to warm local homes and businesses via heat networks.

The Meridian Water Heat Network is a local scheme being promoted by Enfield Council’s company Energetik, which is aiming to use the available heat from the existing facility and the replacement.

The Meridian Water Heat Network scheme is a separate project and will be managed by Energetik. An infographic of how heat networks operate can be found on their Website -

The replacement facility would be built using today’s most advanced and proven technology. It would be one of the most effective of its kind by current standards and have even better emission controls than the existing plant.

You can learn about how an Energy Recovery Facility works by watching our video

Learning more about recycling, waste, heat and power

We are proposing to build a Visitors’ Centre called EcoPark House. From here we will continue to off pre-arranged tours, including a safe and interesting route around the site and give everyone a chance to see how we will generate heat and power from waste left over after recycling.

Hello! Our two planned phases of consultation have now finished. We have reviewed all of the feedback we received during both phases of the consultation and have produced a summary of the consultation report.